Happysnow – a successful snowstory in Norway.

With our mini snowgun from Happysnow you can make your own skislope in your backyard – in the middle of the summer!
The system is very easy to set up and easy to handle.
Read more about Happysnow here or contact me for more details.

Decorate facades and terrain

HappySnow cannon can be used to decorate facades, terrain elements or just cover the ground with snow. We helped Fjellshop in Lillehammer with a white facade for the Christmas street opening in 2018. It was super nice we thought and the store got both publicity and lots of pictures in social media.

Video from the Fjellshop store in Lillehammer. Videocredits: Asgeir Linberg

Snow on the playground / terrain park

Playground, hills or small jib areas can be snowed with the home snow cannon. 0.7 m3 per hour is not so much compared to the larger snowsystems, but with a few days production it becomes a good play area. Below we show films from snow laying of the jib area of ​​NTG Freeski Lillehammer.

Outside the Håkons Hall, wich was used under the Winter Olympics 1994. NTG Freeski Lillehammer uses the terrain outside for training. Videocredits: Asgeir Linberg/Happysnow.no
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