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Masterplan for ski resort

Finding the right concept for winter and/or summer resorts and how to make it profitable.

Masterplan for snow

Essential for every successful ski resort. Includes slope improvement, grooming and snow strategy.

Snow depo/Early season skiing

Snow storage from one season to the next.

Event preparation

Planning and preparation of big events on snow, from FIS race to Olympic level

Transport of snow

Move snow from A to B with our new methods. Tailor-made solutions, scaled to your needs.

Happy Snow

Make a skislope in your backyard with the mini snowgun. Instant fun and easy to use.


Our illustrations are made in raster and vector technic. We use the solution that fits the task.

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Over 30 years of snow experience

About Norwegian Snow

A small company situated in Lillehammer, Norway. We assist ski and winter activity resorts in planning, building and operating. 

Every resort will experience challenges due to their location, strategy, and goals. We offer useful analysis of current operational status, and theoretical and practical guidance for improvement and further success. 

Our specialty is snow. We offer up to date insight in the latest trends and technical developments. NSC cooperates with other relevant and international consulting businesses, as well as practical experts to exchange knowledge and best practices. 

Our services can be tailored to suit your needs – as a review of your whole operation and resort, or as a more concentrated delivery, reviewing only parts of your operation.

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